August 2, 2013 Articles

US-based Triton Emission Solutions Inc. (PST) has completed a three-ship installation survey for its DSOX-15 fuel purification system.

The survey was conducted in the Baltic Sea. In July, an unnamed cruise ship operating in the area had expressed interest in the firm’s newly launched scrubber system, with a request for an installation survey to be conducted on the product.

“The survey information obtained from all three of the ships confirms that the installation team will not face any issues with space or fuel system compatibility and that no dry dock time will be required for installation,” concluded Rasmus Norling, CEO of PST.

According to the firm, the system offers a “solution” for shipowners to comply with lower sulphur limits in emission controlled areas (ECAs) scheduled to take effect in 2015.

More recently, the firm was reported winning a contract to install the fuel scrubbing system on board two vessels operated by LMS Shipmanagement Inc. The agreement includes an option for LMS to install the system on another 40 ships.

(Bunkerworld, August 2013)

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